Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Today is the day that I dread most throughout the year. It is a difficult day for a widow, so I always dread it. Working as a school secretary, I deliver flowers all day to students and staff. Last year I had a parent ask me why I didn't have flowers from my sweetheart. She knew that my husband was deceased, so it was like putting a knife in my heart and twisting it. A week or so ago, Jason asked me to babysit on Valentines Day, while he surprised Kara was a special date. I was so excited and have been planning ever since to make this a special day for Miss Kate. I have been looking forward to this special evening with just Katie and Mamaw. I know she loves 'dogs' (her term for corn dogs) from Culvers, so we headed straight to Culvers. I love about 2 miles from Culvers and she was asleep by the time we got there. I decided to do the 'drive-through' thing and let her sleep, hoping she would be in a good mood when she woke up. I then headed over to Grandma D's home (my dear friend who lost her husband a year and a half ago). She has a 100 pound chocolate lab, who absolutely loves Katie and Katie loves Bear. She was expecting me tonight and we were looking forward to just spending our night entertaining Katie. We let Katie watch Bambi and Robin Hood and she was entertaining to watch (who cares about the movies, it was fun watching Katie). She did great! Considering we had never tried anything like this before, we were wondering if she would be happy apart from her mommy and daddy but she did so good. When we got home, she wanted to 'play', so mamaw and Katie played ball and trucks (that sounds like a girl-thing to do, doesn't it?). She belly-laughed when we were chasing the ball together. It was refreshing to just spend the evening concentrating on my granddaughter, who will be three years old in less than two weeks. She sure is growing up. Mamaw and Katie made memories tonight that will never be forgotten. I love you, Miss Kate!


Judy said...

Okay, I guess I had to get a Google password to be able to leave a comment. Well, anyway, good to talk to you this am. Judy

Sarah said...


I'm glad you had a good time with Katie. She is soooo cute! Love ya!

urhis said...

Miss Katie couldn't have spent her Valentine's Day with 2 more sweeter ladies than Grandma D and you. You are both loved for who you are. God Bless you.

Love & Prayers,