Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ya busy??? I am!!!

JaLayna Mea Riann Watters - notice how little she is in front of the roses and next to the Bibles.
JaLayna's name tag and information.
Andy is showing us the shirt that he has used since JeNa was born. He has the baby's first footprints printed on the shirt and their time of birth and their name. He does this on the same shirt for every child. It is a very special shirt and is known as "The Shirt".
The Marion General Hospital's policy on the maternity ward stinks!!!! They would not allow the grandparents back there to see the baby or even touch the baby until the baby was back in the room. Most hospitals allow the siblings to be a part of the process if the parents request it, but not this hospital. Andy and Jenn tried to reason with them, but no way! So, he improvised and took a video of the new baby and brought it out to JeNa and Jaxon and showed them their new baby sister. It was precious!

JeNa was one proud Big Sister. She is going to be a big helper. On the way to JeNa's soccer game on Saturday morning we went to McDonalds and we were having trouble keeping the kids from running in the parking lot, so Jason had everyone (kids) hold on to a pocket on his pants. This kept them all together.
JeNa and Katie were waiting for their breakfast.
JeNa was waiting for the ball. She was so cute out there on that field.

Our little JaLayna
I am one proud grandma!
She looks so much like JeNa did as a baby.
This is a picture of Jaxon's first experience with his new sister. He is always saying, "I want to hold him!"
He's more relaxed here!

It's been a big joke around here lately and people will say, "Ya busy?" It's then that you know that they want you to help them do something. I have been having to say that a lot lately. I've had a lot of new changes in my job (new position), Ryan going back to school, adjusting to being at home alone again, garage sale in August, painting and re-doing flooring in my house, changing churches, and the best thing of all . . . becoming a grandma again for the fourth time on Friday night. It was quite a journey in getting her here, with some real scares with Jennifer's blood pressure dropping drastically and the baby's heart rate way out of whack. The cord was around the baby's neck, so that was not good. God provided a real miracle in her delivery and we are blessed. She was born a little before 8:00, Friday evening, September 19. She is 8 lb. 6 oz. and is 21 inches long. Her name is ... JaLayna Mea Riann Watters. No, I didn't mispell anything, that's how it is spelled. I went down Thursday evening and we did the traditional Bob Evans dinner / snack before going into the hospital. We enjoyed our time together. I spent the night at Andy & Jenn's house and took care of Jaxon and JeNessa while Andy & Jenn went to the hospital. Mom and Dad Watters went with me to Marion, Ohio, to be there for the baby's birth and my mom and dad met us at the hospital. Mom Watters and I spent the day Friday trying to occupy two anxious, excited and hyper children. We truly did have fun but mom was totally exhausted. We wondered who was laboring more, Jennifer (having a baby) or us at babysitting. We know why God gives you children while you are young! We went to two playgrounds, took them out to eat, went shopping and just played together.

After the baby was born, we went home and on the way, Jennifer's mother, Judy, developed severe chest pains and they had to turn around and head for the hospital. They saw a police along the road, Wes (Jenn's dad) stopped, told him of his wife's chest pains and the police said, "Follow me." Lights, sirens, 65 mph through Marion, with Wes right behind him. The police ran into the hospital and got help. What a blessing to find help so quickly. They admitted her and ran tests. It turned out not to have been a heart attack, for which we are grateful. So, we had Judy and Jennifer both in the hospital.

Saturday morning, we went to JeNa's soccer game, then went to the hospital to see Judy and Jennifer, and of course, JaLayna. We had been at the hospital only a few minutes when my father-in-law, George, said, "I am dizzy! I am dizzy!" He passed out and the action began. We were running down the hall, trying to get help. Here we are, on a maternity floor, and dad passed out. The nurses were great!! They rushed him to the ER and he was admitted to CCU. What a fiasco! Mom and I ended up going back to the same motel and spent the night again. This is the same type of episode that we dealt with in June when dad passed out like this at church. The doctors reluctantly released him tonight and said he is to go straight home and make contact with his cariologist. NO DRIVING! And get to the doctor right away!!

We were SOOOO glad to get home tonight. It was a busy weekend, for sure.

Wes, Jenn's dad, said, "The next time we plan to have a baby up here, I am reserving three beds so we have things ready in advance."

I just thought I would let you in on my weekend.