Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adrian Mother-Daughter Banqet

The Adrian Chapter of Women of Worth gathered together on Monday, May 4, for their annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. The evening was filled with a lot of activities. It was a time of reflecting back on the activities of past 9 months. We have been studying from the Emily C Barnes book, "Timeless Treasures" and have enjoyed sharing our 'treasures' with our sisters in Christ. During some of the meetings we have had times of sharing some of the momentous items that we treasure, such as a wedding Bible, a quilt, a hope-chest, family photos and many more items of interest. For the mother-daughter banquet, we had 60+ in attendance and the ladies outdid themselves. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, a delicious chicken dinner, lots of desserts and salads and everyone semed to have a lovely evening. The devotional was on the seasons of life and how each season is a treasure from God. It is always so refreshing to be reminded of the fact that God has a plan for each of our lives and it is God's plan that is the most important plan to follow. We learned that in the 'spring' of life, you don't possess many earthly treasures outside of your family. In the 'summer' of life, you are busy with college, new relationships, marriage, children, busy schedules but the God of the universe cares about every detail of your life and He will be there to help strengthen you. In the 'autumn' of life, you find yourself slowing down a bit, taking on the role of grandmother, mother-in-law, teacher, Sunday School teacher, church leader and role model. Don't let the busyness of life squeeze the joy right out of you and cause you to be bitter in your spirit but model your life after Christ. Let the sweetness of Jesus flow through you. In the 'winter' of life, we find that we are too weak to run marathons, We need for the younger ladies to come along side of us and be our 'light' in the lonely times of life. We can still have the light of Jesus reflecting from our lives. It is so important to be in the right relationship with Jesus Christ so we are not grumpy and cross with our caregivers and those who love us and come into contact with us.

We honored two special ladies during this special evening. One was the Mother of the Year and that special lady was Esther Wentworth Hilling. What a treasure she is to our group of ladies! She is such an inspiration and is a beautiful example for us to follow. She is very busy as a mother of three beautiful children, wife to Chris Hilling, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, pastor's wife and friend! In anticipation of this special award, her mother, Sue Wentworth Webb, was asked to write Esther a letter, which would be read at the banquet. A few days before the banquet, Sue had a heart attack and was air-lifted to a hospital in Fort Wayne. This was a traumatic time for the family and we were wishing we had the 'letter'. A day or two before we would need the letter, Esther's step-dad, Dave Webb, found the letter that Sue had written, typed it out and sent it to us for our use. What a special letter that was! God was faithful in allowing Sue to recover from this experience and she is improving. The letter was so special to all in attendance and especially to Esther.

Another lady in our group has shown such a gracious spirit during the time of Secret Sister exchanges. Jean Green Miller was honored with a beautiful basket of treasures for showing the love of Christ through some unfortunate circumstances in her life and we are very proud of her. She was well-deserving of this special honor.

A photo area was established and the ladies enjoyed gathering for their pictures. It was fun to see the ladies taking pictures of each other and laughing together.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship and look forward to the next season which will begin in September. Pictures will be posted here soon.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vacation Pictures

I know I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago about my vacation and thought perhaps it may be a good idea to post some pictures. Here they are...
This is a picture of the front of our cabin.
This is what it looked like when we decided to go somewhere. People, people, people. We loved it! This cabin was absolutely huge and when we had everyone over there were 12 of us in the cabin and we didn't get in each other's way at all.

The cabin literally was built over the side of the mountain. This is a side view.

Dad loved to sit in the living room and read his Bible. He would get up early and read because that was when it was QUIET.

This is the view from the back of the cabin. See? It is literally built on the side of a mountain. The spot closest to the front of the picture is the fire pit, which you will see later in the blog.

The beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background. You are viewing Cove Mountain, which is a part of the Smokey Mountains. It was beautiful!

There were two hot tubs on the porch but it was TOO COLD to get in them.

The steps leading down to the fire pit. When it got a little warmer, we went out and built a fire and sang around the campfire as we made smores. We experimented with our voices and would hollar 'HELLO', listen for our echo, then laugh when another group a long way from ours would hollar back to us, then shoot off their firecrackers. We enjoyed that.

Just another picture of the snow capped mountains. Looks like a postcard.

Mom and Travis walking into the cabin. Since it was so slippery, we had to be careful that we did not fall.
Looking down into the living room from the upstairs bedroom. This ceiling light was so unique.

This is my bedroom. Sleeping in a KING size bed was nice. There were FOUR King sized beds in the cabin.

Looking at the dining room, from the living room.
I got creative and made a snowman.

A view of the snow from the porch.
Another view of the mountains (and my snowman - of course).

A view of the kitchen, from the livingroom.

The appliances were AWESOME. Stainless steel silver throughout the kitchen.

A drop-in stove. The kitchen was BEAUTIFUL!

More pictures of the kitchen.
Sitting around the campfire.

I loved the skylift in Gatlinburg!!!!!!!!!!

We all enjoyed the Ripley's Aquarium.

Travis turned 17 on March 1, the day after we arrived at the cabin. We were snowed in and couldn't go anywhere. What a memorable birthday celebration.

Heidi taking pictures at the aquarium. (Maybe Ryan is rubbing off on her)
Picture from the skylift.

On our way up the mountain. It was about right here that I told Ryan, "I am about to lose my shoes!" So, he very carefully reached over and took off my shoes. That would have been bad to lose those.

We had our own personal tour guide in Aunt Pat and Uncle Al (My mom's brother and sister-in-law). We had so much fun with them. Uncle Al and Heidi have a special story to tell from the Haunted House and Heidi's hysterical moments. "Go Al GO!!!!" She was screaming. I think he was probably scaring her as they went through but I don't know how she could of been aware of what was going on because she kept her eyes closed the whole time and held hands with people (and cried). I would have cried too. That's why I didn't go in there! No WAY!!!

This is my mom's oldest sister, Dalis. I think they look so much alike. It was so fun to get to know her.
My mom and dad at the top of the mountain. We rode the Ski Lift up to the top, got off and took pictures and rode back down.
The guys who rode the lift. Al, Dad, Travis and Ryan
Ryan and me posing at the top.

This was a normal scene with Ryan on Saturday. We set aside the whole day to STUDY! With his college classes being so intent he needed time to devote to Greek and other subjects. We were all glad he could be there with us too. With the mountains, it was disheartening because his transmission went out on his car while there. He pampered it till he got back to Cincinnati and had to have the transmission replaced. $1700 later... YIKES!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring already?!

It is that time of year when we we transition from the cold, dark, dreary days of winter to the warm, bright, sunshiny days of spring. It has been a very uncomfortable winter with lots of heavy snow and ice, which brings with it high heating and elctricity bills. I have been working my second job but even those hours were reduced because people can not afford to have their income taxes professionally done and are having them done through free online services or seeking free help at local government agencies. So, my hours there have been limited. I have also taken on another job in the evenings with Jason and Kara and that is cleaning a local pediatricians office. This helps to supplement our income but does require commitment on our part in being available every evening. As the old saying goes, 'Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!' I am so thankful for the extra work the Lord has provided.

At the end of February I went on vacation with my sister, her four children, my parents and my son, Ryan to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We had a lot of fun and made lots of memories. Especially since we stayed in a cabin on top of a mountain that was very frightening to me (us). There are no guardrails, the dropoff is straight down and the roads are barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass one. When you went around a curve, you had to have a passenger looking to see if someone was coming in the opposite direction so you could make sure you were not over their line. That is not my idea of a fun trip and toward the end I kept everyone informed as to how many more trips up and down the mountain we still had to go. "We have to go up this mountain three more times." The brakes were smoking, the transmissions were slipping and there was a lot of praying going on during this time. The day before we were to come home, Ryan's transmission decided to start acting up and Kathie's brakes went out coming down the mountain. The brakes broke apart and ground down into the rotors but we were safe and thanking the Lord for His protection. I am not very fond of heights in the first place and when we got up to our cabin (actually, it was more like a mansion to us), my legs would not support me they were shaking so bad. I had to sit back down and get my composure before I proceeded into the cabin.

The cabin was beautiful. Four KING size beds, games, lots of table space for everyone to enjoy dinner together, a beautiful kitchen with state of the art appliances, washer and dryer, two hot tubs (outside), porch swing, fire pit, two beautiful fireplaces with gas logs that provided plenty of heat. Yes, we did need heat. Before we headed up to the cabin, the office personnel told us, 'Take what you need with you because if we get the snow that is predicted tonight, you will not be coming down off the mountain for awhile. guessed it, we ended up spending Saturday night, Sunday and most of Monday snowed in at the cabin. It was SOOOOOOOOO beautiful and relaxing though. We loved it. I think my dad felt like he was totally lost since we couldn't go to church at all that weekend but we told him that he was close to the Lord on this mountain and to just enjoy it. He did. We all did. It was an enjoyable time for all of us. We took lots of Collingsworth and Gaither videos and they music ministered to us in a special way.

Travis turned 17 on Sunday, March 1, and since we 'stuck' on the mountain we celebrated the next day when my Uncle Al and Aunt Pat, along with my Aunt Dalis came up and brought ice cream. Olivia had made him a beautiful (if you can call an Ohio State designed cake beautiful), cake and it was a real hit along with the ice cream. We went to so many areas of attractions and made some special memories. Especially the Sky Life and the Tram. For one who hates heights, it seems strange but I love ferris wheels, sky lifts, trams... We all loved the Aquarium. They fed the sharks while we were there. I marvel at the way God designed all of the special fish of the sea and know that he cares about them and yet He cares of me! It reminds me of the song, "I'm something special, I'm the only one of my kind."

Ryan is home for the weekend but it was a harrowing experience in getting here. Read about it on his blog at: God protected him.

I am so excited about going to IHC. Two weeks from today is the first day. WooHoo! I love meeting with family and friends and just basking in the services. It is a busy time for me with Women of Worth and helping Ryan with taking pictures but I thoroughly enjoy it, that is for sure.

I am hoping to get into some services this week at my church as we start revival tonight with Rev. B. J. Walker and Andrew and Sherilynn Stroud. I am looking forward to their ministry and trust that God will give us all a spiritual boost and draw us all closer to Him. That is my goal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Watters Family News

I know several of you have asked about the happenings of the Watters family recently, so I will give you a rundown of what has been happening. My mother-in-law, Bonnie Watters, was hospitalized on January 5th with Pancreatitus, Enlarged Liver and Elevated Enzymes. She will be undergoing Gallbladder Removal Surgery on Friday, February 6. My father-in-law, George Watters, fell on the ice on January 12th and was found unconscious at the car dearlership, where he had gone to have repair work done on his truck. After several staples in his head and a couple of weeks of Tylenol, he is doing much better.

My granddaughter, JaLayna, daughter of Andrew & Jennifer Watters, has been having problems with extremely high fevers. After several tests and doctor visits, it was determined that she was born with deformities to her kidneys and that one of the kidneys was dumping the waste into her body. These toxins have caused her body to be FULL of infection. She was very swollen and a very sick little girl. On Wednesday, January 28, she was admitted to Children's Hospital in Columbus and had surgery on Friday, January 30th. They performed an Ureterostomy, which is the construction of an artificial opening from the ureter through the abdominal wall, permitting the passage of urine. She came through the surgery and anesthetics very well. We were very worried about her since she was so full of infection, but God protected and brought her through the surgery without incident. There were prayers going up for this little one all over the country and we are so thankful for the support. In 6 - 12 months, we will have to go back and have this Ureterostomy reversed and do some reconstructive surgery on little JaLayna, but the physcians feel that she needs time to recuperate, rid her body of infection and be a little older before they operate again. We are trusting God for a full recovery so she will be free of kidney problems as an adult.

On the BRIGHT SIDE...Jason and Kara have announced that they will be having an addition to their home in September. How exciting!! Miss Katie is going to be a 'big sister'. Does that ever sound funny to say! Katie has been talking so much lately. Complete sentences are a part of her normal vocabulary now and that is so fun. Jason has worked diligently to replace the floor in my basement. It looks so nice. Kara has been faithful to help me with Women of Worth every month. I just hope she starts feeling better soon and that the morning sickness is soon just a memory.

Ryan is doing great! He was the statue/narrator in the GBS Christmas Play this year. He's extremely busy these days with his position as President of the Ministerial Students, which involves a lot of organization on his part, taking Greek II, and some other difficult classes, as well as preparing for the College Choir Tour through the southern states from February 18-March 1. The highlight of his year is going to be the Choir Trip to Ireland in May. This should be a memorable time for him.

I have been working full-time at Lenawee Christian School, actually celebrating 17 years as the high school secretary this week. Whew! Where has the time gone? From January through April, I also work at Tax Pro Filers in the Mall as a receptionist. I have worked 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. SEVERAL nights and I am tired, but it helps me financially with tuition and high heating bills. I am grateful for the strength the Lord gives me in that I am able to do these long hours.
I have been asked to go on vacation with some of my family next month and I am very excited about that. I have never went on vacation during the school year but this is the time when it would work out best for everyone else, so my schedule will just flex with theirs. I am excited about getting away and just resting.

For those who have been inquiring about my family, here ya go...I'll try to update sooner next time so it isn't like a BOOK.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is the birthday of my dear mother, Evelyn Plemmons. I know it is hard to believe that she turns (clearing of the throat) today. Oops - almost slipped there, mom:-) I know you have been a trouper to have raised five rambunctious kids and now the grandkids have taken our place in keeping you young.

Having you for a mom has been the best thing that could have ever happened in my life. I know I have lived away from you for 30+ years now, but we are still close in heart. You have been a great example to me and I love you very much. I hope your birthday is extra special.

Friday, January 9, 2009

January already?

Our Family Picture - Taken December 26, 2008

JeNessa Steffan Rea Watters posing for the camera

Jaxon telling Uncle Ryan something very important...

Uncle Ryan is a favorite among the nieces and nephew

Something different - black and white photo of Ryan and the kids

The THREE STOOGES - Jason, Andrew & Ryan - Brothers for life...

Cheryl with daughters-in-law, Karlynne Shiery Watters and Jennifer Craker Watters

Sweet little JaLayna Mea Riann Watters - born September 19, 2008

Jaxon Andre' Paul Watters looking mischevious

Karalynne and Kaitlynne Watters posing for the photographer

Jason, Karalynne & Kaitlynne

Jason and Kara

Jason and Kara

JeNa and Katie were coloring so nicely together - cousins having fun together

Mom and her sons

Reading Curious George Book to 'the boys' - See the excitement in their faces?

Andy's really into the story, isn't he?

A proud mom and her three boys

They love their mom

Mom and Dad Watters (Bonnie & George) joined us for the pictures

Mamaw and Miss Katie

Mamaw with all of her grandchildren

Mamaw with Jax, JaLa and JeNa

Andrew & Jennifer

Andrew & Jennifer

Andrew, Jennifer, Jaxon, JaLayna and JeNessa

Piling on top of daddy, Andrew

'Odd man out' Where were we gonna put Ryan????

Everyone posing with Grandmy & Grandpy Watters

Whew! Where did 2008 go? I can hardly believe it is January of 2009!

A lot happened in December and I thought it would be nice to blog a little about it since I am snowed in and it is quiet here. It has not been very quiet during December, as I have been a very busy lady. With school parties and activities, church events, family in for Christmas and two boys with birthdays..I have not been bored.

With my new job responsibilities, I am responsible for the staff Christmas party, which was very successful and everyone seemed to have a nice time. Then we had church functions which were very nice. Andrew & Jennifer came home for Christmas evening, so all of my kids were home on Christmas Day for the first time in several years. It was nice to all be together on Christmas Day. Then the next morning we had an appointment to get our family pictures taken. We had planned this for several weeks, trying to coordinate our colors and make sure our clothes matched. Trying to match that many outfits and having us live so far apart, was a challenge but we did it and I think we were pretty successful in having things nice. We had a student from Lenawee Christian School, Jonathan Durling, take the photos. He did a great job and the family was so cooperative. I was very happy with the outcome. If you would like to see all of them, go to and click on client proofs and the password is watters.

Having Ryan home for Christmas break was nice and we were all so glad to just have some down time together. Ryan had a couple of preaching engagements, although one was cancelled due to a power outage (storm). He preached at my parent's church on January 4 and did a fantastic job. I was so proud of him. God is using him for His glory and that is what life is all about.

JeNa, Jax and JaLa were all so happy to be at Mamaw's house during the break. They loved playing with the toys and just being a mamaws. I loved it! JaLayna is having some physical problems and it was discovered that both of her kidneys have issued that will require surgery in the next couple of months. This precious baby has been so pleasant but has had some pretty severe infections, resulting from her kidney abnormalities.

My mother-in-law, Bonnie Watters, was released from the hospital on January 9, after being diagnosed with Pancreatitus, enlarged liver and elevated enzymes. She is doing better but will have gallbladder removal surgery in about a month. This was a frightening diagnosis, especially after Steve dying with cancer of the pancreas and liver. God was faithful to be with us this week as we worked through her illness and all of the memories associated with this type of illness.

I will start my second job (Tax Office Receptionist) on Saturday, January 17. I'll be putting in up to 70 hours a week during tax season, but the is the way in which God supplies my needs and I am grateful for the job. I love doing this, so that helps to make it so it is not a drugery. I also love th people I work with. I am a people person and this office is in the mall, so I am able to see lots of people, which makes my day complete.

Enjoy the pictures. I have tried to label them for you. Have a blessed day. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the blog. I am trying to see if anyone reads blogs anymore...