Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring already?!

It is that time of year when we we transition from the cold, dark, dreary days of winter to the warm, bright, sunshiny days of spring. It has been a very uncomfortable winter with lots of heavy snow and ice, which brings with it high heating and elctricity bills. I have been working my second job but even those hours were reduced because people can not afford to have their income taxes professionally done and are having them done through free online services or seeking free help at local government agencies. So, my hours there have been limited. I have also taken on another job in the evenings with Jason and Kara and that is cleaning a local pediatricians office. This helps to supplement our income but does require commitment on our part in being available every evening. As the old saying goes, 'Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!' I am so thankful for the extra work the Lord has provided.

At the end of February I went on vacation with my sister, her four children, my parents and my son, Ryan to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We had a lot of fun and made lots of memories. Especially since we stayed in a cabin on top of a mountain that was very frightening to me (us). There are no guardrails, the dropoff is straight down and the roads are barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass one. When you went around a curve, you had to have a passenger looking to see if someone was coming in the opposite direction so you could make sure you were not over their line. That is not my idea of a fun trip and toward the end I kept everyone informed as to how many more trips up and down the mountain we still had to go. "We have to go up this mountain three more times." The brakes were smoking, the transmissions were slipping and there was a lot of praying going on during this time. The day before we were to come home, Ryan's transmission decided to start acting up and Kathie's brakes went out coming down the mountain. The brakes broke apart and ground down into the rotors but we were safe and thanking the Lord for His protection. I am not very fond of heights in the first place and when we got up to our cabin (actually, it was more like a mansion to us), my legs would not support me they were shaking so bad. I had to sit back down and get my composure before I proceeded into the cabin.

The cabin was beautiful. Four KING size beds, games, lots of table space for everyone to enjoy dinner together, a beautiful kitchen with state of the art appliances, washer and dryer, two hot tubs (outside), porch swing, fire pit, two beautiful fireplaces with gas logs that provided plenty of heat. Yes, we did need heat. Before we headed up to the cabin, the office personnel told us, 'Take what you need with you because if we get the snow that is predicted tonight, you will not be coming down off the mountain for awhile. guessed it, we ended up spending Saturday night, Sunday and most of Monday snowed in at the cabin. It was SOOOOOOOOO beautiful and relaxing though. We loved it. I think my dad felt like he was totally lost since we couldn't go to church at all that weekend but we told him that he was close to the Lord on this mountain and to just enjoy it. He did. We all did. It was an enjoyable time for all of us. We took lots of Collingsworth and Gaither videos and they music ministered to us in a special way.

Travis turned 17 on Sunday, March 1, and since we 'stuck' on the mountain we celebrated the next day when my Uncle Al and Aunt Pat, along with my Aunt Dalis came up and brought ice cream. Olivia had made him a beautiful (if you can call an Ohio State designed cake beautiful), cake and it was a real hit along with the ice cream. We went to so many areas of attractions and made some special memories. Especially the Sky Life and the Tram. For one who hates heights, it seems strange but I love ferris wheels, sky lifts, trams... We all loved the Aquarium. They fed the sharks while we were there. I marvel at the way God designed all of the special fish of the sea and know that he cares about them and yet He cares of me! It reminds me of the song, "I'm something special, I'm the only one of my kind."

Ryan is home for the weekend but it was a harrowing experience in getting here. Read about it on his blog at: God protected him.

I am so excited about going to IHC. Two weeks from today is the first day. WooHoo! I love meeting with family and friends and just basking in the services. It is a busy time for me with Women of Worth and helping Ryan with taking pictures but I thoroughly enjoy it, that is for sure.

I am hoping to get into some services this week at my church as we start revival tonight with Rev. B. J. Walker and Andrew and Sherilynn Stroud. I am looking forward to their ministry and trust that God will give us all a spiritual boost and draw us all closer to Him. That is my goal.

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