Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowman Collector

If you have ever been in my office or my home, you would have no doubt that I love to collect snowmen. I have them in several rooms of my house and my entire tree is decorated in the snowman theme. Since I have small grandchildren, I decided that it was time to change from my 'crystal' theme to something durable, like snowmen. I want my tree to be something that attracts my grandchildren. I also have so many stuffed snowmen that I have a landing (above my open stairwell) that holds a hosts of snowmen in all different sizes and styles. Since I am a school secretary and my office has a snowman theme, I am finding that students love to give the school secretary presents at Christmas and it is usually snowman related.


Amber said...

Awesome!!:) You have a blog now! It looks really good! Adios:);) Love-Amber

Sharalyn said...

Well I must say, your collection has a big head start on mine. I love snowmen too. Since we are occasionally mistaken for each other, I might find it a little difficult to give up a snowmen, if accidentally given to me... but intended for you. ;o)

Cheryl Watters said...

Oh, don't you wish Sharalyn. You are funny! Those snowmen in the picture are a mere dent in my collection. I have SOOOO many, but I love to collect them. I may find it in my heart to share one...We'll see. No promises.

Tophog said...

Hi. I have a huge collection of snowmen filling up my kitchen. It's time they find a new home.
I have an 18 place complete dinner set, at least 15 assorted cookie jars, tablecloth, place settings, salt & pepper sets, numerous coffee cups, decorative wall plates and other wall hangings, ceramic and resin shelf items, and more.
I am looking to sell the whole lot. If you know someone who would be interested, or a good site to list it, please respond at Any help would be appreciated. I can supply pics to interested parties.
Thanks, Linda