Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Family Background

I am new at blogging, so I decided to give a little background as to who I am. I was born to Ernest & Evelyn Plemmons and I am the oldest of five children. I have one sister, Kathie Manns, and three brothers, Donald, Ernie, and Dan. We were able to all be together in September of 2007 to help our parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

I married Steve Watters on March 17, 1978 and he went to Heaven due to pancreatic cancer on May 22, 2001. Our time together was way too short as we had a marriage made in Heaven. The Lord blessed Steve and I with three wonderful boys.

Jason is our oldest son. He married Karalynne Shiery and they have a little girl named Kaitlynne. Jason went to Delta Comair Academy and has graduated with his commercial license. He has flown with different companies and enjoys flying very much. He also works in landscaping and grounds maintenance, which was always his love as a young man. Jason and Kara own a home in Adrian and the Lord is blessing their lives together.

Andrew is our 'middle child' (he loves to say that). He married Jennifer Craker and they have a daughter named JeNessa, who is 4 1/2 and a son named Jaxon, who is 2 1/2. Andrew has worked in construction work since he was 16, starting with Baker Construction here in Adrian. After his marriage in 2001, he moved to Marion Ohio and continued in heavy duty construction. He currently works for a union in the Columus, Ohio area. Andrew & Jennifer own a home in Marion, Ohio and the Lord has blessed them.

Ryan is our 'baby' (he doesn't love that :-). Ryan is currently a sophomore at God's Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been dating a beautiful young lady, Megan Walsworth for almost a year. Ryan is currently working toward a degree in the area of pastoral ministries and is uncertain as to where the Lord will lead him, but he is open to the Lord's guidance. Ryan is currently Dr. Allan Brown's personal assistant and keeps very busy with his full load as well as working for Dr. Brown.


Sarah said...


Looks like you're off to an excellent start. Looks GREAT! Welcome to our blog world LOL!

urhis said...


Thanks for the invitation to view your blog. You're doing great. What a fine family!
~Merry Christmas~
Cathy A.

Kathie said...

Hey Girl! I knew you could do it!!!! There's just one thing.... you're in trouble for putting a "fat" picture of me on your blog! :-)

Cheryl Watters said...

I knew that picture would get a response from someone, but that's the most recent picture of all of us together. You're the one that convinced me to blog, so I guess that's the way it goes. HEHEHEHE

Travis said...

Hey Cheryl You did it. It's looking good and I hope you have as much fun blogging as I'm having.

Grammy said...

You are a wonderful daughter and you are doing a great job with your blog! We love you very much! Have fun blogging!!