Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Gifts from Students

Working in a large Christian School has several advantages. (Pay is not the best but the closeness that comes with working with families pays huge dividends.) Since our school has closed three days in the past two weeks due to ice and snow, this afforded the families to spend time together baking. Today, one of the families brought in a VERY LARGE frosted cookie that they personally made for me. There are four children in the family and they were so proud of the fact that they made it, decorated it, boxed it and even decorated the box, just for me. This was their way of saying, "Thank you for helping me throughout the year." What a nice gift. Grant it, I don't need this big cookie, but I will enjoy sharing it with my family and friends. Would anyone like a piece of my CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING? My advice to anyone who has students in school is to make sure you let your office staff know that you appreciate the way they keep things running smoothly. I enjoy my job and can think of no other profession that would please me more. It's the small personal touches of gifts like this that make a secretary's day bright.

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Ryan said...

Save some for me! I'll be home in 3 days!