Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November is half over and Christmas is comin...

Snowmen arrangement under my piano.
Snowmen over the open stairwell.

Katie is helping mamaw arrange the village under the piano.

Baby Keaton (Seth & Jordana's baby) - he is so calm and quiet. (Emma - his sister was too busy to get her picture taken). These children are beautiful and we enjoyed visiting with them.

JeNa was so cute in the way she was holding Keaton so carefully.

My Christmas Tree in the Sun Room

My mom and dad's tree in their family room - my favorite.

My mom and dad's tree in their living room.

My Women of Worth ladies surprised me with a 50th birthday cake and card shower.

JaLayna was so alert this weekend.

Katie is holding a baby kitten during the hayride festivities.

JeNa and Katie at grandmy & grandpy Watters house.

Jaxon is my little man.

Look at those rolls and the double or triple chin.

I have been thinking lately that perhaps you are wondering why I haven't updated my blog recently. Well......It's because I have been on the go and haven't taken the time to update it. OK, now that I have that out of the way, here goes...

It is hard to believe how much I have packed into November thus far. I went to Kentucky this past weekend, to attend Beth Hartkopf's wedding and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was a beautiful ceremony. I stayed at God's Bible School & College campus (where Ryan goes to school) and it was so good to be able to help him get a lot of his work finished. He had thank you's to write and cataloging of the Schmul Library to do (which I love to do), and some shopping to do. We had fun going to a big mall and just mingling with the people. I love walking through malls and watching people. It felt good to just be with Ryan and feel like I helped him with some tasks that were overwhelming to him. I went to church with him Sunday morning at the Kenwood Bible Methodist Church and that was a pleasant experience.

My job is going pretty well. Teaching two ladies now to do the job that I have done for almost 17 years is proving to be something that keeps me pretty busy. It is so hard to teach something that you do not have on paper. One of the ladies is a visual learner, so everything must be written down. I'm sure not bored, that is for sure.

Rochelle, the former student of mine, who is living with me, is working out very well. I thoroughly enjoy having her in my home. She is bubbly and so easy to have in the home. I do not have to do anything for her, she is so self-sufficient. She is a blessing to me.

Andrew & Jennifer, JeNa, Jason and JaLayna came up this weekend to go hunting with Grandpy Watters. Boy were they fun to have around. I love those kids! I got to hold JaLayna for a long time. She's sure growing up fast. Jaxon and JeNa are growing up fast too. JeNa is in kindergarten and it was fun to hear her sound out words in my office.

I have my house all decorated for Christmas! Can you believe it? I usually have it all done by the end of September or fist of October, but due to circumstances beyond our control (BUSYNESS), I finished it up a couple of weeks ago. It is beautiful. Since I am not decorating a big office at school this year, I brought the two boxes of snowmen home and decorated my living room (plus my sun room), so I have lots of snowmen, which I love! I'll post some pictures for you.

I am looking forward to next week when we can go home for Thanksgiving. Most of my siblings and their families will be together, which is so exciting for me.

I trust you are able to enjoy this holiday season and spend time with your family.


Grandmagene said...

Cheryl, I am so glad you found some time to update your blog. I loved all the pictures. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. That was great you got to spend sometime with Ryan and help him out. I love going to malls sometimes and just walking through them, especially at Christmas. Your grandkids are getting big. Where does the time go? I know what you mean, as Gage is already 4 years old. Mel says my little guy is growing up. I can't believe Ali is already 6 months old, almost 7 months. I remember when she was born. It just seems like yesterday. Your grandchildren are so cute. How do they like their new little sister? How much does she weigh now? I love all of your Christmas decorations. They are beautiful. I love snowmen too. We are putting ours up this evening. I am cleaning my house trying to get everything in order. I am leaving Tuesday evening for Mels as Gage is having a Thanksgiving program and dinner at his preschool on Wed. morning. Then Thanksgiving morning David and the boys are coming down for the day. They are going back that night. They have to work. I am staying until Sat. sometime. I will be watching the kids plus my daughters best friends two kids on Friday morning when they go out Christmas shopping. I am excited as this will be my first time getting too. If I don't talk to you before then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your family. I love your parents decorations and trees too. Wow they have two? They are beautiful. So is Kathys.

Faith said...

Happy 50th Birthday!! Wow, how did so many years accumulate already?! We were teenagers just a little while ago. So neat that your friends and family hosted celebrations for you. I pray this year is one of your best ever! :)

Enjoyed seeing your parents' and your Christmas decorations. Love all the snowmen too! Too cute. A sister-in-law collects snowmen and showcases them in a guest room we stay in whenever we are there. I always have fun looking at how many variations there are on snow people. Merry Christmas!! :)