Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leaves, Leaves and NO LEAVES

Bus unloading 55 students and staff - preparing to rake my yard.

Looking at my house before they started raking.

I have a very large yard to rake and when you get old like me, you can't rake without pulling your back out of place, so the Lord has helped me since Steve passed away to get my leaves up by using the services of the Junior High students from where I work at Lenawee Christian School. This is a servanthood project for them and teaches them the blessing of helping a couple of widows in our school family. There are several younger widows in the school and the junior highers rake leaves in the fall and do yard cleanup in the spring for four of us. It is such a blessing to me. Due to the recent snowfall, the leaves were heavier this year and the students were delayed in getting to my house because the previous yard took a long time. There were left-over piles EVERYWHERE in my yard and I did not know how I would manage to get them picked up, but God sent an angel along on Saturday morning, who came in and picked up all of the left-over leaves and got rid of them. I do not know who did it, although a neighbor told me it was a green truck that was in my yard Saturday morning, so I have an idea. It was such a blessing to me. I will post some pictures of before and after. There were 55 students and 6 adults from LCS helping me. My father-in-law and a friend also came over and spent time of Saturday doing yard work, for which I am very grateful.


urhis said...

God is so true to His promises to provide what we need. what a great goup of friends you have.

Grandmagene said...

That is so awesome Cheryl. God is so faithful in helping his people in time of need. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Ernie said to tell you that he would not know how it felt to get OLD. It is nice to know that your school has a nursing home ministry. Your brothers words - NOT mine!!! LOL We love you and are thankful for the blessing you received Saturday!!

Cheryl Watters said...

ERNEST BENJAMIN PLEMMONS, JR. You just wait unil you get old. You're getting there faster than you want to admit. You have to live where it's warm and don't have this white stuff that you see in the pictures. Oh, it is beautiful when it falls and I'll be sure to let you know when we are able to go about our activities without cancelling school because there is a drop of snow on the leaves. HEHEHEHEHEHE Lisa, go take care of that 'OLD' person who lives at your house. There, did I get even yet?