Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Years Ago Today

Do you know where you were two years ago today? What were you doing? As I was looking through old pictures tonight, I found Ryan's January 15, 2006 file and was reminded that I was sitting at home, waiting for Ryan to return. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were going to be late for church. I knew he had gone somewhere to take a picture of a sunset or scenery somewhere but it should have taken him only a few minutes.

An hour later he returned. I asked him where he had been, as I was very worried. He said, "Oh, I just decided to take some pictures of the train tracks and then a train was coming so I decided to lay down on the tracks and get some pictures as it approached."

I panicked! "You laid down on the tracks?????"
"Yes, but I got up in time. I am fine. Besides, it is going to be a real cool picture."

Needless to say, this lady was not a happy momma but was I ever thankful that Ryan was safe. He wasn't worried about it. I told him that it was a good thing that I didn't know what he was doing and he assured me that he didn't tell me for that very reason.

"Kids these days!!"

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grandmagene said...

Wow I would have panicked too. To think that he laid down on the tracks. Kids are enough to give you heart attacks. lol