Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Believe Winter is Returning!

BRRRR!!!! Is it cold outside! I am even cold inside, so that tells you that I do not like COLD weather. I love snow. I love blizzards! But I do not like cold weather. If we get a couple of good snow storms, I would be happy to see spring arrive. I long for the time when we can put away our winter coats and open the windows. I guess I am dreaming. After all, it is only January 15th. It doesn't hurt to dream though. Spring's comin'... Good ole' Michigan.


Karalynne said...

I'm so ready for spring! The sad thing is that winter has just begun. I know we really aren't supposed to rush things, but oh how I wish for spring to be here!!

Cheryl Watters said...

ME TOO!!! And to think it is going to be below zero for the weekend! I am cold already.

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

Oh, isn't winter fun!!! I think that's what I like about Michigan. If you get tired of what weather we are having right now, just stick around for a few days, or minutes, and it will change. That will keep us from getting bored! Love ya. Sue