Friday, January 9, 2009

January already?

Our Family Picture - Taken December 26, 2008

JeNessa Steffan Rea Watters posing for the camera

Jaxon telling Uncle Ryan something very important...

Uncle Ryan is a favorite among the nieces and nephew

Something different - black and white photo of Ryan and the kids

The THREE STOOGES - Jason, Andrew & Ryan - Brothers for life...

Cheryl with daughters-in-law, Karlynne Shiery Watters and Jennifer Craker Watters

Sweet little JaLayna Mea Riann Watters - born September 19, 2008

Jaxon Andre' Paul Watters looking mischevious

Karalynne and Kaitlynne Watters posing for the photographer

Jason, Karalynne & Kaitlynne

Jason and Kara

Jason and Kara

JeNa and Katie were coloring so nicely together - cousins having fun together

Mom and her sons

Reading Curious George Book to 'the boys' - See the excitement in their faces?

Andy's really into the story, isn't he?

A proud mom and her three boys

They love their mom

Mom and Dad Watters (Bonnie & George) joined us for the pictures

Mamaw and Miss Katie

Mamaw with all of her grandchildren

Mamaw with Jax, JaLa and JeNa

Andrew & Jennifer

Andrew & Jennifer

Andrew, Jennifer, Jaxon, JaLayna and JeNessa

Piling on top of daddy, Andrew

'Odd man out' Where were we gonna put Ryan????

Everyone posing with Grandmy & Grandpy Watters

Whew! Where did 2008 go? I can hardly believe it is January of 2009!

A lot happened in December and I thought it would be nice to blog a little about it since I am snowed in and it is quiet here. It has not been very quiet during December, as I have been a very busy lady. With school parties and activities, church events, family in for Christmas and two boys with birthdays..I have not been bored.

With my new job responsibilities, I am responsible for the staff Christmas party, which was very successful and everyone seemed to have a nice time. Then we had church functions which were very nice. Andrew & Jennifer came home for Christmas evening, so all of my kids were home on Christmas Day for the first time in several years. It was nice to all be together on Christmas Day. Then the next morning we had an appointment to get our family pictures taken. We had planned this for several weeks, trying to coordinate our colors and make sure our clothes matched. Trying to match that many outfits and having us live so far apart, was a challenge but we did it and I think we were pretty successful in having things nice. We had a student from Lenawee Christian School, Jonathan Durling, take the photos. He did a great job and the family was so cooperative. I was very happy with the outcome. If you would like to see all of them, go to and click on client proofs and the password is watters.

Having Ryan home for Christmas break was nice and we were all so glad to just have some down time together. Ryan had a couple of preaching engagements, although one was cancelled due to a power outage (storm). He preached at my parent's church on January 4 and did a fantastic job. I was so proud of him. God is using him for His glory and that is what life is all about.

JeNa, Jax and JaLa were all so happy to be at Mamaw's house during the break. They loved playing with the toys and just being a mamaws. I loved it! JaLayna is having some physical problems and it was discovered that both of her kidneys have issued that will require surgery in the next couple of months. This precious baby has been so pleasant but has had some pretty severe infections, resulting from her kidney abnormalities.

My mother-in-law, Bonnie Watters, was released from the hospital on January 9, after being diagnosed with Pancreatitus, enlarged liver and elevated enzymes. She is doing better but will have gallbladder removal surgery in about a month. This was a frightening diagnosis, especially after Steve dying with cancer of the pancreas and liver. God was faithful to be with us this week as we worked through her illness and all of the memories associated with this type of illness.

I will start my second job (Tax Office Receptionist) on Saturday, January 17. I'll be putting in up to 70 hours a week during tax season, but the is the way in which God supplies my needs and I am grateful for the job. I love doing this, so that helps to make it so it is not a drugery. I also love th people I work with. I am a people person and this office is in the mall, so I am able to see lots of people, which makes my day complete.

Enjoy the pictures. I have tried to label them for you. Have a blessed day. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the blog. I am trying to see if anyone reads blogs anymore...


Connie said...

Cheryl, The pictures are awesome. You have a beautiful family.

urhis said...

Terrific pictures, Cheryl. I'm so glad to hear Bonnie is home. I'll be calling her.

Grandmagene said...

Yes I read the blogs. I love them. Yours is so enjoyable. I love all of your pictures. Your family took some lovely pictures. I have yet had time to update mine. But I will try this week. I will be emailing you too. I wish more people would update theirs. How is Sue Arnold doing? She has not updated her blog in a very long time.

Cheryl Watters said...

I love to read blogs also. I'll look forward to reading yours. Let me know when you have it finished.

Sue is doing good. I talked with her today. E-mail her and tell her to update her blog. Sometimes we just need gentle reminders. We need pictures of her grandbabies. They are adorable!

Danessa Riggs said...

Beautiful Pictures. Tell Jenn and Andy I said Hi.

Jean Miller said...

I enjoy reading the blogs. I enjoyed seeing all of your family pictures. Next year will be another grandbaby in the pictures. God bless you. We enjoy seeing you come to Church once in a while. God Bless you.

sankey family said...

Love your family pictures!