Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Room

I have decided to re-do Ryan's room, as the carpet was so bad in there and it was bothering me. So...Jason and Kara came over one day and started getting the carpet out of the room in preparation for new carpeting. We had went to a local store and chose a remnant (boy, is carpeting expensive!) and I had made a deposit on the carpeting. The next day, while Jason was tearing out the carpeting he made a wonderful discovery. Beautiful hardwood floors were under all of that carpeting and padding. What a blessing!!!!!! I cancelled my order of carpeting and got my deposit back and now - wah-lah - I have beautiful hardwood floors. I little sanding and revarnishing goes a long way. This gives this room a totally different look. Here are some pictures of the new room. We put up new wallpaper border (boy, that's a treat to do when you are inexperienced), put some of Ryan's pictures that he has framed in there and also some of his Ansel Adams prints. It gives the room a totally different look, that is for sure.

It is a bit more feminine that Ryan would probably have decorated but I have a young lady who graduated from Lenawee Christian School (where I work) who is going to be moving in with me while she is teaching at Adrian College and working at the University of Michigan. I am looking forward to having someone in the home in the evenings for company and it will help me financially. This is a God-sent blessing, for which I am grateful. Like someone at my office told me the other day when I had a miracle transpire in my office (in front of her) "God always takes care of you!" Yes, HE DOES! He promised He would and He never goes back on His promises! Enjoy the pictures.


Sharalyn said...

Wow... the hardwood floor looks perfect. That had to be such a great surprise. Looks like you all did a nice job on the room.

Grammy said...

You all did a great job! It looks lovely! Dad said he wondered if all of your floors would be hardwood. When you get in the mood for redecorating (hint-hint)we need our house painted. We love you! I am glad that God is faithful! I know He answers prayer!!

Judy said...

Cheryl, I've been wanting to comment on your new granddaughter but never got around to it so will do it here. She is beautiful!!!! So glad for them.
Also, I like the room, and I love hardwood floors. It looks nice.
Read my blog for more of what is going on here. Judy

urhis said...

What a blessing! God knows what we need just at the time we need it most. He's always on time. I find so much joy in the miracles I see Him work out in your life. Thanks for sharing.

Beth Stetler said...

The floors are beautiful! I really like the Ansel Adams prints, too.

Hannah said...

Hey that looks pretty good! And the best part about it was there wasn't much cost to it :)

Love and Miss Ya

collette said...

What a treat to discover those hardwood floors! It looks like you did a great job with everything.

No, we don't live in the Petersburg area, but were on deputation during that time and stopped into the camp during a "lull" and because a good friend of ours, Dan Parker, was preaching there. We actually live in Mexico (Salamanca, right in the heart) and this country has been our home for about 27 years now.

I will keep visiting your blog!

Faith said...

Glad you updated and with photos! I always enjoy catching up with you in spite of all the years it has been since we were together.

Our second apartment had all hardwood floors and I thought they were so pretty, but we were required to cover 80% with carpeting. I also did border and thot it went fairly easy... and tackled wallpaper next. Never again! Ack!!! Your room looks so welcoming. Great job! Too bad you don't live near us. lol