Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did you think I got lost?

Ryan and Amber practicing. Ryan sang a solo and Amber was his accompanist. Buddy was supervising the practice session. Ryan and Amber are VERY CLOSE cousins and enjoy being with each other. Ryan laughed more this weekend than he has laughed in a long time. It was good for them to be together again.
Amber's boyfriend, Seth Fish, was doing his part with the assembly line meal preparation. Opening the cans of biscuits. Somebody's gotta do the hard jobs...
Kathie, Travis, Olivia, Jacynda, Heidi and my mom came up to Adrian to ice skate at the Adrian College Ice Rink. What a blast they had. Jason, Kara and Katie came over to skate also. The ladies all sat in the bleachers (BRRRRRRR) and watched the skaters. The neat thing about this skating session was that they had the rink to themselves for most the evening. It was so awesome! Jason and Ryan helped to girls with their skating techniques. Olivia was a real 'hit' for the night with her skating abilities. If only I could skate half as good as her. She did a fantastic job and learned so much that night. It was fun to watch the boys with their cousins and how they were so patient with them.
August 8 and 9 was the Relay For Life at Lenawee Christian School. We went over there to see what was happening. We were a little uncertain as to whether or not we could emotionally handle being there, as we used to go to this event before Steve developed cancer. It brought back tons of memories. The luminary lighting was a powerful event. I dreamed about Steve that night. It was so filled with so many good memories of our time together. There were 88 luminaries purchased in Steve's memory.
Clayton was in the dishwater while I was trying to do dishes and had a blast with his beard of bubbles. Clayton is sure growing up. He's nine years old and almost as tall as me.
At the Relay for Life, the theme was Race to the Cure. Katie enjoyed sitting in the car at the display.
We took the 88 luminaries and lined them up in front of the booth and formed the word LOVE. A little crooked but that's OK.
Standing around the lit display while they read the names of the survivors and the ones who lost their lives to cancer. The reading of the names took about 50 minutes but it was nice.
My beautiful mother, sitting in the COLD bleachers, while the kids were skating.

Amber is holding her dog, Buddy. Talk about a dog with an attitude, this dog has a major attitude. I believe he is the most arrogant dog I have ever seen. He's so ugly he's cute! I don't think there is a dog alive though that is more loved than Buddy. And spoiled by Dan too! Can you believe it? Dan, my brother Dan, the one who never likes dogs, is the number one hero in that dog's eyes and Dan lets the dog sleep on his chest.
Amber is helping in the asembly line for the pizza sticks. We made 42 pizza sticks in quick order. Too bad she had to work for her own 17th birthday party. She didn't mind though.
Seth Fish and Amber Plemmons - showing those pearly whites...
One of the pictures that Ryan took this year for a bulletin board project. I love the rose with the Bible and especially the highlighting.
Amber and Buddy - you would almost think that dog was her protector.
I know these pictures are out of order but at least I have an updated blog.
It's been a very busy summer and I have been very negligent in posting frequently. So, I thought it may be a good idea to just put up a bunch of pictures. Other people get away with that, so why can't I?


urhis said...

What a lovely family you have. It is a blessing to share your memories as you give us a glimpse of your joys and sorrows. May all of your tomorrows be full of God's Grace. With warmest regards - The Avery's

Karalynne said...

Loved seeing all your pictures! Hope you have a great day!

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

Well, it's about time you updated!! Look who's talking, right? I certainly enjoyed your pictures. I was there for Relay For Life, but I had to be inside working! Oh, well. That's life, right?

Cheryl Watters said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Sue, look who's talking, is right! he he he I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your grandkids too. Call me sometime and maybe we can work it out to get together.

Cheryl Watters said...

Cathy & Kara,
Thanks for your comments. I trust you have a great day!

Leah said...

How dare you talk about our Buddy like that! LOL!!!
Fun times!!!!!!
Enjoyed the pics!

Grammy said...

I am jealous! I wish we could have been there for Amber's birthday! It looks like you had a great time and I am glad that you had so much fun!
I enjoyed coming up and watching the kids skate. They all do such a great job! I wish I had learned to skate when I was younger! I would love to skate, but I wouldn't want to be the cause of a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE!!
I can't even imagine Dan loving a dog that much!! Remember when Sparkie would sit on his chest and he wanted to take her home? I almost guarantee he wouldn't do that now!
We are looking forward to everyone coming!! We enjoy your blog!

grandmagene said...

Hey Cheryl, Love all your pictures, sorry I haven't posted sooner. I was wondering when you were going to update again. I know you have been super busy. Hope you can post somemore, want to see those grandkids. You are right you have a very pretty mom. Thanks for the compliments on my grandkids.